Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tea Mouse Knitting Pattern Launch

I can't quite explain just how excited I am to be releasing my first knitting pattern. And for this adorable little mouse, no less.
The Tea Mouse is a sweet little softie I designed myself and have spent many Tea Mice perfecting.
My favourite thing about them is their sweet fabric-lined ears that look up at you along with that little pointy nose. My second favourite thing would have to be their little knotted tail, and the easiness and speed of this pattern. You could make one in a weekend.

 I've been meaning to get my Mouse Pattern out there for others to enjoy for quite a while, and was reminded recently when a lady contacted me and asked where she could get the pattern. It was time to get my notes into order.

So I've spent my spare time over the past few weeks pattern writing and pattern testing. I've photographed kits and played with PDF design.

And now finally my Tea Mouse pattern is ready for you.
I do hope you'll like it. There's some information about the pattern and what you'll receive below. Make sure you check out the kits too.

A bit about the pattern:

Tea Mice are suitable for the newest knitter with clear, easy to follow instructions for both the knitting and sewing up of the Mouse. Tea Mice are worked flat on two needles, with i-cord for the tail.

You can purchase the pattern in PDF form, where it will be emailed to you after purchasing, or you can also purchase a Tea Mouse Kit. The kits allow you to make a beautiful Tea Mouse from the same Organic Cotton yarn and pretty fabrics pictured.
Kits come with enough materials for you to create two mice, and are just $25 with free shipping Australia wide.
Find out more about the PDF pattern here, and view the kits here.
If you want an instant download after purchasing, check out the pattern on Ravelry. (I recommend Ravelry if you're not in Australia as some people in the UK have had trouble purchasing through the website.)


I hope you enjoy!

Sarah x


Friday, January 30, 2015

Here & Now

Loving // The glorious rain we've been receiving at long last. Proper storms - loud thunder and brilliant lightening, decent amounts of rain and warm days that makes the grass kick. Summer, I love you, when you behave as you're meant to.

Eating // home-made sourdough with home-made chutney and home-grown steak. Too many 'homes' in that sentence, I know.

Drinking // anything cold. Juice and soda water; ginger beer; cold cocos made with our Missy milk. 

Wearing // mud and hay and cow hair and sheep wool and milk from missing the bucket when milking and all the things I get on myself at 'work' on a daily basis.

Feeling // happy that the rain has come at last. You're probably sick and tired of hearing about rain but it makes me so so glad.

Wanting // more hours in a day, more days in a week and more weeks in a season.

Thinking // about rams and sheeps and baby lambs. I'm hunting for a ram to purchase as my youngest ewes will be old enough to become mamas soon, and I'm wondering if Mabel-sheep is pregnant or fat? She was supposed to be in lamb when we bought her. It's hard to tell cause I have nooo idea about pregnant sheep - I'm still learning about pregnant cows - and as a friend commented about the sheep recently, it's hard to tell if they're in-lamb because they're in such good condition. Only time will tell. It's exciting.

Dreaming // of eating our first home-grown passion fruits - our vine has just begun to flower. There's that 'home' word again.


What's happening in your here & now? Are there any home-made, home-grown, home-produced things happening for you at the moment? Share below or on your blog if you like, I don't mind either way.

Sarah xx


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summer Storms

We had a lovely storm last night. It rolled in just as the sun was setting, giving a magnificent lightening display. I stood on the verandah and watched it coming in. The thunder and lightening were almost constant throughout it. I just love watching storms; storms that aren't dangerous that is. I relish every moment of them. We've been losing power a far bit lately to thunder storms, but we didn't last night. I had the candles lit just in case.

I didn't think we had gotten much rain out of it though, until I rose this morning and saw the small dam full, and the rain gauge informed me that we had in fact received 33mls.
We had a little rain a week ago too, so I am hoping the wet season has finally started at last. Wouldn't that be lovely?

How's your Sunday rolling where you are?
Hot, cold, wet, or dry I do hope you are having a nice one!

Sarah x

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