Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Farm of Ours

 Yesterday afternoon when we were feeding the cows I looked at the beauty surrounding us and felt so glad and thankful that this little patch of land is ours.
It's a lot of work for a small block. There have been many messes left by the previous owner to clean up and many things to establish. This time of year is always so good and full and busy. But I love it.
The weather is beginning to mellow out. The heat of summer is yet to come and the cold winds of winter are leaving us. The sun is warm and the night is cold, still cold enough for a fire which I like.

We've had another calf born since the last time I wrote. Black Brandy (second picture) as born on Tuesday. She's oh-so-sweet. And little Black Magic (other pictures) is just a ball of mischief! With this these glorious clear skies, warm days and baby animals it certainly feels like Spring!

We've started renovating, strengthening and modifying this old brick stable for the sheep's night and rain shelter, to keep them safe from wild dogs. There was a pile of bricks and some walls still standing on it's other side, the remnants of the other half of the stable apparently. I didn't get a photo before we cleared it away, but I couldn't believe what a difference removing the rubble made to the appearance of the paddock! I plan on capturing the stable's transformation stage by stage and then putting together a post for Roulette, but I'll be sure to post a picture of it finished here too.

Recently we put in 26 natives in one of our paddocks; the beginning of a shelter belt for the cattle. A few weeks later I put in some arrowroot and a heap of comfrey roots among the little tube-stock sized trees. I was so excited when I discovered that some of it was starting to shoot!
I also have 31 pots with comfrey root in them in our potting area, all destined for the paddock when they shoot. Sheep, cattle and chickens love the stuff and it's so nutritious for them! I initially felt kind of mean for digging up our largest comfrey and chopping it's massive root ball into 2cm long lengths, but it's the best way to multiply this plant!

This afternoon we picked a big basket of produce from the garden. Tomatoes, peas, eggplants, shallots, zuccihini, 2 strawberries, radishes, capsicums, broccoli and lettuce filled it up quickly. My carrots tops are beginning to peak above the earth too. After a long day's work it was a good feeling.


How was your weekend?
I hope wherever you are it was good.
I hope you feel as content and happy as I do this evening.

Sarah xx

PS I have been reading all of your blog posts, I just haven't had the time to comment. I do apologise and hope to catch up with you all soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This weekend I baked, photographed a smoky sunset and took Spud herding. I also indulged in what I call a "camera walk". I haven't been out and about with the camera for such a long time, so one morning I took it slow whilst feeding the animals. I paused to take photos of our chunky little Silkie chicks foraging in their new pen, and I took videos of our silly ducks and sweet cows. It was refreshing and peaceful and exactly what I needed. This weekend has reminded me to slow down more often, take the time to enjoy my surroundings and this little patch of goodness we're lucky enough to call ours.


I hope your weekend was good, whether slow and fast, fun or sleepy.
I'll leave you with a little weekend video.
I hope you enjoy it.

Weekend from Chantille Fleur on Vimeo.

Music // Hoop De Doo by Perry Como

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Life

A foggy morning, a warm mug of tea and new baby lambs are some of the things that have been going on this week. It started off warm and but now a cold snap has returned.
There has been so much going on here lately that I really don't know how to the find the words for it all. So I decided to simply write about today.

Early this morning the phone range. One of our ewes had lambed! Two little babies, a boy and a girl. After the morning jobs were done we hopped in the car and drove over to see them. Daisy and her babies will be coming in early October, along with our other sheep. I felt so excited going and visiting them today.
To top it off, this same afternoon one of our cows calved at sunset. We stood in the fading light and watched her give birth and help the wobbly new calf up. We're yet to find out whether it is a little bull or a little heifer. Hopefully we'll see in the morning.
So today there were three births - one here by our cow and two elsewhere by our sheep that will soon be here too. It's been quite exciting!

What did you get up to today?
I hope your week is going well.

*Update! Our little calf turned out to be a beautiful little Bull Calf, and a bull he shall stay as he looks just perfect!